Food Franchising the Most Popular Franchise Sector in India

6th July 2011, By


Food is a pre requisite for survival and life cannot be imagined without it, however, it now also has a commercial aspect attached to it. Over the few decades we have seen plenty of food chains with unique concepts. As there are changes in trends, adaptableness in cuisines keeps happening simultaneously.

Franchising in the food arena is one of the major sectors in India and is continues to rise. The major reason for such a strong upward trend is the entrance of several International food brands. In India, trends keep changing. The younger generation continues to target high profile jobs versus small business as they provide a higher package which indicates good money with absolutely no risk. Their thinking, adaptability to different forms of food has changed owing to the extensive travelling.

Food businesses in India are targeting the small and medium business platform. Their main attention is small scale investors and the involved risks are less and one can enter into this field without any sizeable experience. The brand provides a person with techniques and technology, standards and menu and above all teh brand value and recognition for customers.

In India, the cost of establishing food franchise is more or less the same as your budget to open an outlet in any brand. It saves the investors the advertising cost as it gets shared with the brand and its current franchisee.

Another important aspect is quality, as standards for menu and food is already set by the parent company. The company handles and trains in Operations, Management, Manpower training etc as well as performs quality checks in a timely manner. Suitability, Viability, Breakeven and locations are preselected and evaluated by the brand itself. As these food brands have much better experience of running and operating these outlets.

Franchising in the food and beverages wasn’t very well adapted by the Indian franchisors initially; however, due to greater demand the acceptability was achieved. They adapted systems to safe guard their interest and save the brand value in the pan India F&B market.